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“The power grids are the backbone of the nation’s economy. As the energy and transportation sectors are undergoing a rapid transformation towards de-carbonization, power grids will become a mosaic of interconnected resilient energy hubs, transacting energy through the power grid backbone, while providing advanced grid reliability services to the grid operator. Our economic and physical co-optimization helps accelerate this transition by substantially reducing the payback time on the assets.” 


The e-One team is comprised of industry veterans with extensive years of combined experience in the development and deployment of integrated real-time solutions.

Our team, located in Philadelphia, Seattle, and Liège (Belgium), brings hundreds of years of domestic and international experience with real-time management solutions for the power grids and microgrids.


Key members of the team were responsible for the design and delivery of the wholesale energy market clearing systems, now widely used in North America. They were also responsible for delivering energy management systems to the top transmission and distribution utilities in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.


In the last 13 years, our specialists applied that expertise to the physical and economic co-optimization of microgrids in the energy markets and utility incentive programs, enabling substantial economic benefits, both to end-users and utilities.


More recently, we applied our integrated platform to the MDV and HDV transportation sector, which is undergoing a massive transformation, starting with the nation’s fleets of school buses.


In cooperation with our industry partners, we integrate economics, physics, cybersecurity, and advanced communications into a comprehensive platform and product suite.


We evaluate the grid incentives available in your area

From utility incentives to available wholesale energy and ancillary service markets, there is an opportunity to maximize economic benefits through revenue stacking and tariff optimization

We optimize the sizing of your generation and storage assets

Dozens of optimization scenarios are performed in simulation, based on historical load data, market data, and forecasted needs 

We help you design and implement your microgrid

Whether in connected or islanded mode, from communication with the assets to interface with the local utility and the wholesale market operator

We help you optimize in real-time your distributed resources

Every five minutes, considering forecasts, physical, utility and market constraints, over the next hour, the next day, the next week and beyond

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